Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday Night Live!

While Heidi, Spencer and I were cooking a pizza last night, the power all of a sudden went out! It kinda freaked me out, I thought there was some crazed person trying to kill us. (I really shouldn't jump to conclusions).

When the lights went out we heard a loud noise. We looked out the window and saw one of Heidi's neighbor run by. Heidi and I booked it out the door and Heidi called 911.

Some drunk person had hit a power pole. There car was totalled. Seriously like 5 minutes later cops showed up. There were two people in the car. A girl and a boy. The boy was driving... keep that in mind. But then the cop started to handcuff the girl. One of Heidi's neighbor was like she shouldn't be getting arrested she wasn't driving. So the boy was going to let his girlfriend take the blame for what he did! What a Jerk!!!!!

They both ended up getting arrested. There were both way drunk. From what we could hear there girl took a Breathalyzer test and it turned out to be over 2.0. WOW!

It was like I was living an episode of "Cops" and "CSI" it was awesome!

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Heidi said...

Bad boys bad boys... whatca gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys bad boys...