Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Nights!

Nights are Pretty Awesome at Cosmetology! We got this new product that were only allowed to use at night! Its AWESOME!!! it's called White Sands. It does wonders. Like make the hair stand straight up and loads of volume!

This week we have been having lots of fun with it. I did Sara's Hair Like Penny Pingleton and My Hair was like Tracy's. Then on my friend Aubree I did Cornrows on the side and a Mohawk down the middle! Our instructor Connie has an awesome camera and we have been taking pictures for portfolios. Also we're going to put the pictures on the walls at school so people know what we are doing.


You Can't really tell but her hair is like Penny's!


I did that hair!
Nights are Fun!
I'll get some of the Awesome Pictures that Connie took in a little while! So be PATIENT!

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Heidi said...

Was the 'be patient' comment directed to me?! I know for a fact how cool that product is. I didn't see mention of my neato hair... *sniffle*. Love ya, have fun in Vegas!