Saturday, November 1, 2008


Alot has happened in the past couple of weeks.

Where to start...

I started on the Cosmetology floor at school and I dislike it alot! It's not that I hate just seems like the teachers don't want to help the students and they expect us to know everything, when we don't!

"The Music Man" is going alright...there is only about 2 more weeks left of rehearsal and we really haven't finished blocking the whole play yet...Also the girl that plays Zeneeta hasn't been to any of the rehearsals and I've been standing in for her...I kinda feel like Sharpay cause now I really want the role and she seems like she doesn't even want to be there! There's not alot I can do about that I guess... Or if she mysteriously get hurt? No, I wouldn't...Or would I? lol

I saw "High School Musical 3" and I loved it! I should have been in it, because I heard that the night it came out they invited all of the extras to go to the premiere! how awesome would that have been?

Halloween was awesome! I wish I would have taken pictures(I have some on my phone but I don't know how to transfer them on to the computer) cause I had AWESOME costumes. Yes Costumes. On the night before Halloween, at school we had a party and we got to dress up. I just dressed up like someone from the 40's. I thought I looked pretty darn SASSY! then on Halloween I was a guy!!! It was the best costume I have ever had! When I went trick or treating no one recognized me! If we would have had a costume contest I would have won! Fo Sho!

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