Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old Friends, New Friends

The past couple of weeks I have been hanging out with one of my old friends Sarah Bennett. We were best friends back in elementary, Jr. High and our Sophomore year of high school. But when she started dating a guy named Tom, everything went downhill.

She broke up with Tom, and she has been wanting to get her old friends back. She started with Sara Pryanovich, and was having out with her a bunch. I felt totally left out when Sara would come over and say "Oh yeah I hung out with Sarah Bennett last night" it would kill me on the inside!

But at the end of January I was on facebook. Someone had started to chat with me, I noticed that it was Sarah Bennett. She wanted to hang out with me! I was so excited!

Ever since then I have been with her alot. She live out in West Jordan now, which it about 15 miles from here. And she comes down here alot.

The first night we hung out just us, she was like do you want to hang out with the guys? I was like what guys? The most sweetest guys ever! And the greatest thing is that they are all MORMON! and are about to go one there missions. I have never had this many Mormon friends. Anyway, Jason, Ben, Gabe, and Craig. I'm pretty much with them at night. They all have school during the day.

They like to make fun of me because I like Disney. I was telling them that we are a very Disney family. Then the other night it was about 12:30 pm I was wondering why Mom hadn't called (she normally calls at 12). Then my friend Ben says, Imitating my mom "Wendy Come Home Mickey Mouse is Lonely!" ha ha ha.

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