Sunday, November 1, 2009


okay, okay. So it's been awhile.

Halloween was a blast! It all started back in September, when my friends and I were trying to think of what to be for Halloween. We were all gonna be the same thing...but we couldn't decide so we just decided to be whatever! And i came up with "Trailer Trash" I had way to much fun with this costume, as you can tell.

I had a fun night! It all started with me getting ready, which was a long process. Then Sara, and Matt came over and I did there make-up and stuff. After we were all ready we headed out to Sarah's house.

We started our night of adventure going out to dinner, after that the boys wanted Eggnog. Don't ask why, i have no idea. After getting eggnog, we went back to Sarah's house and the guys drank their eggnog...then they wanted energy we WALKED to Maceys (which wasn't a very long walk, but it was COLD) when we got back we played air hockey, and pool. As we got bored of that we all wanted to watch a movie. Once again we could decide so Sarah put them behind her back and we each picked left or right. I could see the movies behind her back and I tried to cheat but I still picked the wrong movie...we ended up watch "Quarantine" of course I didn't watch it, i faced the opposite way of the TV. About have way through the movie Ben showed up! I was so relieved!!! After the movie we played Uno, BS, and Phase 10. Okay so none of my friends know how to play phase 10, so I had to teach them. I got home pretty late. I had gotten ready for bed and got downstairs once I realized I had forgotten my retainer...I was to scared to go back up and get it.

What an adventure!

Trailer Trash, The Gangster, and The Pirate Wench


Heidi said...

You are a natural trailer trashy person... is that a good or bad thing!

Natalie said...

I have absolutely nothing to say...

WendyJayne said...

i'm awesome!!!! and you know it!!!!!!!