Saturday, July 10, 2010

best birthday

My birthday was AWESOME! It started out like any other day. I woke up, ate, got ready, babysat, and waited for Ben.
Now earlier this week all Ben had told me was to wear something comfortable, sandal's are OK but to bring shoes just in case, and NO MAKE-UP! (I ignored that part)
Once he gets here the girls (Carlee, ally, and Chloe) run up and ask him what were doing. He tells them that we were Going to Golds Gym to Volunteer and clean off the equipment! Yeah Right! I'm not doing that on my birthday!
We head out at about 1:15. We get off the freeway at 90Th south, (right by classic skating) and we have 25 minutes to he's like "are ya hungry" me "not really" ha ha... we went to arbys and shared a meal together (awwww how cute)
All the time were sitting eating I'm trying to guess what we're doing! Once we were done eating, we went alittle up the street to a place that looks like a bunch of little apartment.
As we walked up to the building I figured it out!
He took me to get a facial and pedicure and dinner at the cheesecake factory!(and a gift card to old navy) now everything he told me finally made sense!
After all the pampering, we came back home and watched some "How I Met Your Mother" until 8 and then we decided we were hungry.
We called ahead to see how long the wait was and they said 25-30 mins..once we got there, they sat us right away!
We got Fried Macaroni and Cheese (mmmmmmmmm) and he got a rib eye steak (which i ate half of, it was so Delicious) I hardly ate any of my meal, so the loving sister I am, brought it home to my brother! and of course we ate CHEESECAKE!
We ate until we were sick! and came back and watched more HIMYM!

it really was a great birthday! and we got some cute pictures too! :)

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