Friday, March 28, 2008

Change is Good

On Tuesday once I got to Cosmetology there was nothing to do... so what else is there to do at a salon??? Do your own hair... DUH!

My instructor was putting red into my friend Laura's hair and I was like I want red in my hair and she was like OK. so I have some red in my hair. Well it actually looks pink since my hair is blond. Then my other instructor was like its not going to work on your hair since its to light it will turn out orange... boy did I show her! Mom said it that the pink has to be gone before august, because of family pictures.

While Connie (instructor) was washing my hair i asked her to cut it for me cause i was really tired of my hair. I got Bangs, I'm still trying to get use to them.

Then when I got home later that day my mom called me out... I thought for sure she would notice my hair cut first but no....the pink. Then she gave me some great news!!! (well for me it is) I'm getting BRACES!!!! YAY!!!!! I'll have a pretty smile. FINALLY!!!! I'm so Happy!

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