Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friday Night's

Who knew I could have so much fun with my friends.

The night started off at around 6. Sara and Nick were the first to arrive. We were waiting out side for Mike and Austin to come. Once they arrived we went and out Pizza. YUM!

So were driving to the Little Cesar's by Olympus High. Austin is a fast driver (Ever since I got in my car accident I have been paranoid about getting close to any cars, or cars getting close to me). I was sitting in the back in the middle. Every time he would get close to a car I would freak out.

We got to Little Cesar's and it was packed. They were so busy, and to find out it's closing in a couple days due to construction. :(

Once we got back to my house we ate most of the pizza, we did have to leave some for my family. Then the fun part of the night came....

We played video games! I know it sounds nerdy but it was way fun. We started by playing Super Smash Brothers. I won once, out of the 12 times we played. I was so proud of myself. Then we switched to Guitar Hero. Yeah I thought I was good...but I was wrong. My friend mike played every song on EXPERT! It was like he had fifteen fingers. It was CRAZY! Once we got bored of that game we started to play the Wii. We played bowling. I also thought that I was good at that game once again I was wrong. Mike apparently has no life. He won at everything.

Then the night was coming to an end. We stopped playing games and we just sat and talked for about an hour. Then Midnight came and everyone left.

Friday Nights are fun!!!

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