Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Career Day

On Tuesday, it was career day at school. The Careers that I chose were Cosmetology (of coarse) and Travel/Tourism.

I was so excited for Cosmetology, I was thinking it would have been one of my instructors so I could have helped them with everything... BOY WAS I WRONG.

So...When I walked into the class room where Cosmetology was held I was confused because, I didn't recognize anyone... Turns out all of the people were from Paul Mitchel. So I sat down all disappointed.

Then my worst enemy walks in the room...as if my day couldn't get any worst. As she walked in she gave me the worst crusty in the world.

The Paul Mitchel people started talking and I was super bored! There were pretty much saying come join our school. And the only way you can work in a Paul Mitchel Salon is if you graduate from the Paul Mitchel School. I was like this is so LAME!

Then the bell rang and I booked it out of there and headed for the Drivers Ed room (that's where the Travel/Tourism was). That was just a way boring session. The lady just kept on talking and talking and talking. I really don't remember anything she said. I did get a sticker from her though.

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