Friday, June 17, 2011

Date Night

I love it when Ben and I get the chance to go out on dates! This date we went to Lagoon and the midnight premiere of "Green Lantern"

It was lots of fun, but we chose the coldest day of the week to go Lagoon! We went on ride after ride. I even went on rides i hate like the Wide Mouse and the Samurai ...(that's love right there) ha ha

We took a little cat nap before going to the theater.. I woke Ben up at about 11:10 and he freaked out thinking it was already midnight!

Anyway, I loved the movie. I didn't understand the concept of the Green Lantern, but after see the movie it makes much more sense. Plus Ryan Reynolds is HOT! ha ha

on the sky coaster
(it was freezing)

the swings

waiting in like for the tilt-a-whirl. which made me super sick!

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