Saturday, August 13, 2011

job, katy perry, and st. george

Yes, you read right...i got a JOB!

i work front desk at a hotel..and lemme tell you, it's nothing like the suite life of zack and cody (oh Disney channel have you have wronged me... I really thought i could be a pop star and still have a regular life, boy was i wrong! !) but i still really like it, and hey its money!

i actually met one of the managers in the Long Beach Airport. He gave us his card and i emailed him, and a month later i was interview and got the job right after the 4th of July!

katy perry concert

for my birthday Benjamin got me katy perry tickets! we had SO much fun!! we started off the night by going out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen! bt-dub they don't have coke products and i was sad..haha

we only got to take one picture with my camera, because they didn't allow camera...Ben didn't want his picture taken, but i look cute! :) i still love you, babe!

aren't we adorable!? i sure think so!
so we took pictures with our camera phones! haha not the best of quality though! the people we were sitting next to were lame, they sat there the entire time! who does that!?

Jealous? i think yes! we paid 35 bucks for this shirt! you better be jealous! haha it's my favorite katy perry song!

st. george

back in February, as we were driving down to Disneyland, i saw a billboard that said "The Little Mermaid" was coming to Tuhacan. The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie and i just had to see my loving sister bought me a ticket for my birthday!

this last weekend we drove down to St. George, and saw the show... I really liked it, some would beg to differ...scott...HA...i do agree that they could have done better casting.

we also went shopping! i dropped a good amount of money at old navy! (good thing i got paid!)

gotta do our princess pose! i believe i have perfected it!

thanks Natalie for the ticket!

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