Saturday, September 24, 2011

my best friends wedding

Today was my friends Sarah Bennett's wedding! it was a beautiful wedding. She had asked me to do her hair and some of her bridesmaids hair..surprisingly all there hair turned out fabulous!

the day started off really really early! I was up getting myself ready at 5Am just so i could be to Sarah's by 7am! We started the hair and makeup and i got the 3 girls hair and makeup done just in time...

the wedding ceremony and reception was held at This is the Place Heritage Park. yes it was a small place, but it was still very beautiful. they were married in front of the waterfall...awwww

after the ceremony they were all busy setting up for the reception and taking family pictures. so the rest of us (and when i say rest of us i mean me and Ben) to my camera and had some fun! see pictures below

Sarah looked beautiful and as she was walking down the isle i was blubbering like a baby! (at least that's what Benjamin said!) I just couldn't believe she was getting MARRIED!

I finally got my prince charming! this is when we were waiting while they were taking family pictures!
(and Ben actually let me take pictures of him!)

we're hot! yeah that's right, you're jealous

the three amigos back together again!


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