Thursday, August 7, 2008

It OVER!!!!

I'm finally done with the summer semester of Cosmetology! Those 8 week just flew on by....
We did our finals today

-Taper Haircut
-Style Haircut
-Face Shave
-4 Different Color applications
and for night
- 5 different pictures with hair and make-up done

It was very crazy at school. Teachers were yelling at the girl to be patient...and wanting us to make everything squeaky clean... Girls wanting to kill each wasn't every fun.

We got done at about noon and they sent all the girls home...which was kinda pointless cause half of the girls have to come back for nights! that includes me!

I did find out the when i start at the Redwood Campus on the 20Th I'll only have about 237 hours left!

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