Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Last Hour of Cosmetlogy!

I went back to school today at about 4 today, just to finish up the semester. We were mainly there to just clean up...of course that didn't take us that long. I asked Connie to just trim my hair and it look super cute, and watched a movie at the same time!

As the last ten minuets came we all started talking about how much were going to miss each other. My friend Brittany said, " You guys gotta stop your going to make me cry!"

I made the comparison that is was like a reality TV show and this was the finally... I thought it was funny!

Then we Connie started to say goodbye, the water works came. I was first (figures). Of course I will go back and keep Connie updated and have Aubree do my hair.

We gave each other hugs as we said goodbye and left the granite campus for good (for now at least).

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